Electronic Cigarettes Get Under The Magnifying Lens

Jaime was a smoker since he was a teenager. He used to finish at least a couple of packs a day when he reached 21 years old. He is 32. He is a heavy smoker for the last 11 years and he wants to quit. He knows that the more he smokes the bigger the changes he would die earlier that he supposed to be. He tried to quit but to no avail. Until he tried this new device that has been emitting smoke and still gives him the nicotine he wants. He is already smoke-free as he switched to vapors this time.

How Quitting Improves Your Looks

Smoking blocks nutrients leaving the skin with uneven skin tone and sometime pale. For our skin, smoking can cause sagging skin, age spots, dry and flaky skin, lines around the lips and crows feet. On the other hand, quitting can improve blood flow to the skin, skin complexion, improves skin elasticity, acne and wrinkles. The decision is yours to make.

Comparing Different Types of Ecigs and Vapes

An electronic cigarettes tutorial. The video compares various types of ecigs and vaporizers including cartomizers, atomizers, vape pens, mechanical mods, e-liquid/e-juice and nicotine strengths.

Cigarette imitations mimic the traditional tobacco cigarettes consisting of battery and cartomizer. Vape pens consist of battery and clearomizers ( clear e-juice tank with an atomizer). Check out the video for more details.

Can Hypnosis Really Help Smokers Quit?

Smoking is a killer. Quitting can be a real challenge but it is the best thing you can do for your health. Smoking is the leading cause of cancer and other ailments. In fact, a billion people have died from smoking-related illnesses in the 20th century. The death toll from smoking continues to rise as about six million people die from smoking each year, said the World Health Organization. So, how to you stop people from smoking if it is indeed dangerous? Some people use hypnosis as a way out from the addiction. Can it really help? Let’s try to find out.